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Online or in person – hearing or assessment centers are crucial in assessing competencies

The development or selection assessment centers have their own specifics

In the spring of 2008, the idea of raising successors experienced one of the most daring manifestations in a Slovenian manufacturing company in the field of castings for the automotive industry. In a large-scale process, we recruited 30 talents from Slovenia, Croatia, and the Republic of North Macedonia with one year of work experience and a willingness to compete for 10 positions for future internationally mobile key personnel. Through the three-day assessment center, the individuals (together with a specially trained client management team) were identified and thoroughly evaluated.

The majority of assessment centers, despite the importance of a two- or three-day assessment, is today an intensive one-day event, as the practice of our Slovenian clients shows. In 2010, we were the first to unite the expectations of the largest Slovenian bank with our knowledge to assess as many as 300 executives in order to prepare appropriate measures and development plans for individuals. The client received the third-place award for this project at the 2012 Annual HRM Conference.

How to identify the competent partner for assessment centers?

  • In the competence of consultants in formulating assessment criteria on an existing or non-existent competency model,
  • the ability and methodology of effectively training the team of evaluators on the client’s side, if the latter wants to participate actively,
  • in the ability to calibrate assessors’ meters (which we encourage!),
  • in the right combination of tasks for optimum performance,
  • in the ability to adapt tasks to the client and the workplace,
  • in the art of giving constructive feedback,
  • in the professional and procedural facilitation of the completion of the performed procedure.

With the help of modern digital tools, in partnership with CPM Belgium from the CFR Global Executive Search​​​​​​​ group, TRESCON also offers a combination of local testing with an online hearing or assessment center, in which foreign and Slovenian players and assessors participate in the live process. This is still an underutilized potential in Slovenia.

At TRESCON Slovenia we offer assessment centers or development procedures in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, where in cooperation with well-trained local teams and working with a renowned regional client, more than 380 sales consultants were evaluated and a series of various procedures performed. With our parent company in Linz, we have first-class coverage of the DACH region. Our consultants also participate in these projects because of their relevant language competencies.

The design and implementation of assessment centers for managers, talents, or sales staff varies. At TRESCON, we tailor each project to the purpose and goal of our client.

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