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Personnel and Organization Development

A systematic approach, constantly adding the latest techniques to transfer knowledge effectively

Personnel development in companies is a strategic function, not just a principle. First and foremost, we focus on the role that the individual plays in the company. In the organization development, however, we connect individuals and, through involvement in common tasks, bring them to a greater degree of motivation, acceptance, and pervasiveness.

What matters is the actual result (It), team relationships (We), and personal motivation of the participants (I).

We help our clients implement a strategy by working with different groups of employees at workshops, trainings, and individual counseling. Moderation and coaching techniques are helpful. TRESCON consultants strengthen their competencies locally and internationally. We are active members of the Slovenian Moderators Association and the German Mundo ​​​​​​​coaches’ group. We carry out projects globally in several languages. At TRESCON Slovenia, we have references to completed development projects from Germany, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, as well as China.

The following methods are used to support processes:

We work with individuals, as well as with teams and work teams. Our primary commitment is confidentiality.

As we focus on the process, we can provide a sustainable solution to ensure that the project or process is as efficient as possible, and that we synchronize expectations, prepare a baseline analysis, concept, and evaluation options.

Particularly effective is the development of executives tailored to the needs of a specific workplace: while general seminars can only acquire general knowledge, targeted workshops are intended to convey skills tailored to each individual company.

We believe in leadership development through a combination of leadership and communication skills trainings and workshops with employees to address the specific challenges of the work environment. With this combination, we achieve a business outlet and a field for guided self-reflection on our own functioning, behavior, and communication.