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Outplacement, Executive Placement

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Are you an employer or HR manager who must terminate the employment of senior staff? Are you as senior staff facing the possibility of losing your job and think about how to move forward? In these challenging situations, TRESCON can support you with its services.

TRESCON supports people in their current career changes when leaving the company or on the road to finding a new job. Our client is always a company, that is, either a former or a future employer. Therefore, we advise you, as senior manager or specialist, to agree to fund this service before leaving the company.

TRESCON’s consultants excel in expertise, market knowledge, expertise, and empathy. We can help people embarking on a career change with methodology, expert advice, where and how to turn, finding self-interest and future direction, evaluating targeted new employers, meaningful CV adjustments, and motivation letters. This is a crucial way of improving job opportunities. This is targeted coaching and professional consulting.