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Utilizing a direct approach, we at TRESCON understand targeted headhunting of potential candidates, for which we also use the synonyms ‘direct search’ or ‘executive search.’ Through this search channel, which is comparable to direct marketing, we first search for and align the target companies with the client (depending on the demand limited to industry, region, subject of business, professional competences, etc.). Next, we look for companies which employ potentially suitable individuals and subsequently invite those who are characterized by the required qualifications for the vacancy (and interested in the new opportunity) to meet for a personal interview.

As opposed to headhunting, ‘active sourcing’ involves proactively searching for candidates in publicly accessible databases. Conducting active sourcing, besides our database of potential candidates, we also use all accessible external databases (via subscription or open access). Also included are available business social networks and a general online search. Contact is made regarding the specific job posting. A full overview of our four search channels (TRESCON 4-S methodology) can be found here.

At TRESCON, we are proud to be considered a provider of top-quality services and high business standards. Fees based solely on performance criteria is not compatible with our business orientation. Like other reputable HR consultant companies, we charge for our full-service selection process in three steps, with the last third of the fee being charged only after the project has been successfully completed.

Specific parts of the recruitment and selection process and other services – the personnel, process, or organizational culture development; leadership development; coaching; or employer branding – are calculated by hours, days, or flat rates.

We in TRESCON are experts in methodology, and we do not specialize in narrow sets of industries or functions. We have been active in the field of human resources consulting for more than 40 years (of which we have been in Slovenia since 2005), which is characterized by our high competences and rich experience. So, it is reasonable to say that we have worked with clients in virtually every field – both in the industries themselves and in various functions within companies. From commercial, technical, and sales staff to senior management functions and board members. In addition, TRESCON provides not only search services, but also other services – personnel, processes, or organizational culture development, leadership development, coaching, or employer branding - Services.


Our extensive experience in filling international positions is independent of whether the positions originate in Slovenia, Austria, or any other country. Depending on the nature of the contract and the specific situation, we decide on one of two possible ways of executing the project:


  • Through TRESCON companies in the region, or
  • in collaboration with a CFR partner.

The Slovenian economy is largely export-oriented, and more and more companies already have or are thinking about their companies abroad – be it sales offices, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, etc. In order to support our clients with companies abroad, our membership in the CFR Global Executive Search​​​​​​​ network provides all the infrastructure you need.

Our international consulting network spans in more than 30 countries with 55 offices, and TRESCON has been a partner since 2005.

We work closely with local partners to execute international projects, and we can substantiate our international competencies with several references. Of course, we work in both directions – for international companies with a presence in Slovenia, we find and select suitable candidates and perform other services. In this role, we act as a local partner with an excellent knowledge of the local Slovenian environment and specifics.

Our consultants have many years of experience in the field of so-called ‘Outplacement’ support to companies. We ourselves prefer to talk about ‘Newplacement’ support. What's the difference?

‘Newplacement’ is a service that helps a person in the employment process by identifying their interests, competences, and expectations, and actively recognizes opportunities in the market.

Our approach to supporting ‘Out-ʼ or ‘Newplacement’ is in coaching. Adapted to the situation, we offer process coaching, system coaching, or coaching customized to a specific profession. The personal motivation of the individual and precisely set goals are crucial – so the probability of successfully completed projects is very high.

Our advantage over narrowly specialized outplacement companies is that because of our core business and daily practice of finding suitable candidates, we are very familiar with the labor market, its legality, and needs. Based on our own experience, we can help our clients with more relevant and current solutions.

No, this should not worry you at all when dealing with TRESCON. The consultant who concludes the contract with you is responsible for the entire project and throughout the process guides the selected team of associates necessary for the successful execution of the project.


As the word implies, these are individual consultants with a limited set of tools, a limited range of services, experience, and capacity.

Therefore, the advantage of TRESCON Slovenia is the size and professional diversity of the team, modern tools, and a strong international background.

In addition to the classic comprehensive recruitment and selection process, we also offer our clients a number of ‘modular’ collaboration options and can tailor specific offers. You can find more information at Services; examples of partial services may be different testing, rough pre-selection, selection service only, parts of the process of changing the culture of the company, or other processes.


Generally, we do not provide this service individually, but it is included in combination with our other services, so that we prepare a media plan and media buying for you, and provide you with all the necessary administrative support before the media release.


It’s not a matter of an either/or decision. The increased use of digital media of course, is in favor of online advertising, which is also on the rise against print media. Still, posting an ad in print media can also make a significant contribution to the reputation of a good employer brand.


TRESCON is a consulting company specialized in the search and selection of professional and senior staff, so we have experience in finding and recruiting candidates at higher hierarchical levels. So, we are the right partner if you are looking for a new CEO or a new technically qualified associate. However, we do not offer search services for production and craft workers.


Communication with potential candidates is a key criterion for success and a distinguishing element of the quality of the recruitment process. That is why throughout the project, we are careful to keep candidates informed about the next steps and stages of the process. This is the only way to prevent candidates from losing interest in working with us or our client due to a lack of communication or any kind of miscommunication.