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Personnel development for your business success and higher competitiveness

Explore a diverse range of our consulting services in the areas of process and organization optimization and personnel development.

Globalization, digitalization, the disruption of markets, and demographic changes are the key influencing factors that are causing enormous changes in the world of employment and job organization. To remain competitive, employees need to be innovative and agile, with lean processes.

Business performance is the result of many factors. TRESCON supports its customers in enhancing the performance of their staff, organization, and processes. We combine personnel development and organizational development to achieve corporate development.

Through individual interviews and workshops with employees and management, we perform an incisive analysis of the situation and evaluate existing processes and structures. Together with you we define the starting points and, if necessary, help you in defining the mission, vision, goals, and strategy of your company. We work with you to create an action plan, and we can also work together to encourage employees to reach the set milestones. We develop communication skills and strengthen your leadership competencies.

Examples of our activities in this area:

• Support in defining the company’s vision and strategy

• Support for changing company culture

• Support for key and prospective staff projects

• Assist in defining values and behaviors to identify and promote them

• 45+ and 65+ projects

• Support for optimization of organization in the company (organization chart, design of processes and involvement of employees in changes)

• In conjunction with our parent company TRESCON Linz, we offer the design of smart working concepts

• Development of facilitator (trainer) skills – Train the trainer programs


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