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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

TRESCON as your external recruitment department

Sometimes we also provide RPO service. In doing so, we act as your deployed HR department. We offer a complete or partial service that is tailored to your needs, and we decide together which part of the recruitment you leave to TRESCON. Usually, it is a search for deficient or all staff with a net salary of EUR 1,000 or more, ranging from business secretaries to technologists, programmers, sales consultants, data scientists, department heads, etc.


  • Enhance company performance:
    • Transparent, high speed processes
    • Professional data management
    • High quality selection based on the in-depth recruitment expertise of TRESCON consultants
  • Expert advice always at hand
  • Use the time you gain to focus on your own core HR concerns
  • Reduce your recruitment costs (conversion from fixed costs into variable costs featuring scalability)
    • ​​​​​​​Expert monitoring of your candidates
    • Higher reputation of your employer brand