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TRESCON - your expert in ‘Active Sourcing’

‘Active sourcing’ means that we do not search, but find our targets in existing databases!

Demographic changes and a growing shortage of skilled staff have brought many companies so far that they find it increasingly difficult to fill vacant positions with qualified technical profiles. Successful recruitment is becoming so complex that it is quite clear that companies no longer attract candidates with advertisements.


The solution is ‘Active sourcing’:

Active sourcing’ involves profile mining across all publicly available databases and the TRESCON candidate database.

Many potentially suitable candidates are not actively searching for a new challenge – but TRESCON can discover and encourage them to consider a new job opportunity. Thus, passive candidates can quickly become a promising interested party. When addressing candidates, we use a responsible, inclusive methodological approach.

  • The TRESCON candidate database

The query is based on our regularly updated candidate database with over 15,000 profiles, within which we continue to actively contact those candidates who are eligible for the vacancy.

  • Profile mining

Potential candidates are identified and addressed through business social networks and on-line CV databases, as well as in digital platforms targeted on specific audiences based on the latest internet resources, and approach them regarding your vacancy.

Our success in ‘Active sourcing’ is due to the fact that we have all the necessary licenses to use the platforms and external databases. At the same time, we are distinguished by our understanding of how social networks and industry 4.0 work, the online behavior of candidates, and the use of a variety of tools. After comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the data, we have enough information to arouse the curiosity and enthusiasm of interesting candidates for the vacancy.

‘Active sourcing’ and active solicitation require specific skills – that is why these projects are staffed by experienced professionals who are distinguished by years of experience, expertise, and understanding of the sensitivity of personal data protection. They need to constantly update and upgrade their competencies. At TRESCON, the Linz company is a great role model and source of knowledge for us. In Germany, they received the 1st prize in the Active Sourcing Award​​​​​​​ in 2018 and 2nd prize in 2019 in Personaldienstleister category at the Consulting Companies competition.




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