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Developing and empowering management in collaboration with us

Successful companies require great leadership

The new global market situation has also resulted in changed expectations from the people who run the business, organization, or team. The definition and development of new leadership competencies and management tools that are tailored to the new situation are critical factors for business success.

In the ‘VUCA’ world, working conditions are constantly changing, the foundations for decision-making are becoming more complex and uncertain, and it is also characterized by a kind of multiplicity. The challenge for new age leaders is so even more challenging (see diagram).


At TRESCON, we believe that the so-called ‘smart economy’ is creating a new requirement for ‘smart’ leaders through the disruption, dynamics, and change of social values; competencies that will gain in importance are personal, social, cognitive, and methodological: resilience, diversity management, and digital and strategic conceptual knowledge.

Interested in a specific topic?

Find out about our new Leadership Development Programs based on the Conscious Leadership Approach. The approach to the seminars and workshops of conscious leadership is based on the equal development of three sets of goals, illustrated by the three cornerstones of the triangle: real goals (It level) in the form of solid business results, relationship goals (We level) in the form of quality and quantity of involvement involved, and personal goals individual (I level), in the form of one’s own motivation and commitment.

Before, during, or after training programs, we recommend testing leaders and diagnosing their potential through hearing and assessment centers​​​​​​​, or through international tools such as the Management Cube (a test of leadership competencies) or Kairos​​​​​​​ (a test of conscious behavior in the field of leadership and decision making).

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