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Assessment Center – with TRESCON from concept to implementation

Applicants and staff members taking part in the selection or developmental test

The Assessment Center is an ideal tool for companies to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potentials of (new) employees, and to obtain in-depth information for the purpose of personnel selection and personnel development. Existing and future members of the team can be observed in precisely those company-specific situations which they will have to deal with in their professional life.

TRESCON Slovenia has been using the assessment center method since 2005, and is regarded as one of the leading experts in this field in Slovenia.

The content and challenges, process, and duration are oriented on the goals set for the Assessment Center – for example, are we looking at a decision on selection or a development project?

Our offer includes:

  • Assistance in setting goals and defining KPIs
  • Definition of assessed competences or criteria
  • Assist in the definition and scale of grades
  • The concept of the course and the draft tasks (individual or group work, discussions, role play, case studies, competency tests, etc.)
  • Informing and preparing participants
  • Selection and training of observers on the client side
  • Observing and evaluating participants
  • Conducting the process and moderating, including the final discussion of the evaluators and the record of the conclusions
  • Preparation of reports and archival documentation

Based on the specific criteria and client needs, we prepare a suitable concept. Then, the entire course of the project is accompanied by an experienced and competent team of TRESCON consultants who, in the case of extensive assessment procedures, liaise with experts in Slovenia or abroad, and can handle complex procedures involving 300 employees or more.

Ideally, 6-8 people are observed in the Assessment Center, the upper limit for the quality of work is 10 participants. If we want to observe the competencies of three or fewer people, we recommend a procedure called a hearing.

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