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Useful information when applying for a job

We help companies looking for their future employees with a variety of HR management services. It is the client that determines the extent of the collaboration – whether it is the full search and selection process, or just the individual steps within the search and selection process. The decision to hire a new associate is taken independently by the client.

The reasons for including a recruiting company are different: some companies want to look for employees anonymously on the first level and do not want to reveal their name; some simply do not have their own capacity to find new employees; while others want to rely on the professional and experienced network offered by an external consultant.

A general overview of TRESCON’s services can be found here; more information on individual services can be found on the relevant subpages with more detailed descriptions.

HR consulting companies operate based on the exclusive contract with a specific company, for which it seeks highly qualified and experienced (leading) full-time employees.

In the recruitment of personnel, the focus is on the exchange of vocational training of candidates who wish to change their working environment, without such cooperation being an exclusive contract.

In the case of the ‘leasing’ of personnel, the employer transfers his employees to a third company, where the employee is employed by a staffing agency. This model is generally used to cover seasonal needs and to bridge bottlenecks.

If you have not found any suitable job vacancy but would still like to send us your CV and a letter of motivation, you are most welcome. You can send us an email at


You can call us at +386 1 581 92 15 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and share all available information with you. Please understand that employers are often not allowed to be disclosed in the first phase.


  • To the extent that we already have your information available from before, a refreshed CV and motivation letter are enough. However, if we have been in contact recently and your information is up-to-date, you can only contact our office by phone to request us to include you in the desired selection process.
  • If we do not have your information yet, we ask that you send us a CV with a more detailed and comprehensible description of your experience and your motivation letter.

Send us all the documents electronically to email​​​​​​​ address Please follow the data transfer restrictions and adjust the size of your files (up to a maximum of 4 MB) so that we will be sure to receive your application.

Generally, you need to produce the same amount of information, whether you apply through a consulting company or directly to an employer. However, it is helpful if you can be more detailed in describing your past employment and experience and briefly describe the projects and tasks you have worked on. In order to best evaluate which job is best for you, we need to create as complete a picture as possible of your competencies and overall profile.

In addition to your business career, we are also interested in your view of a potential new job, geographical and content preferences, area of responsibility, expectations about the salary, possible ‘confidentiality note’ (What is a ‘confidentiality note’?), etc.

If you have e-mailed us at, you will receive TRESCON’s automatically generated receipt.


We try to be as prompt as possible, and we will contact you within 10 to 14 days at the latest.

If you do not receive a reply within this time, please call +386 1 581 92 15 to determine whether we have received your application and what is its status.

Please give us a call at +386 1 581 92 15, or check by email if we have received your application, if it is already in the selection process, or what is its status.


No, this is not our way of dealing with sensitive information. It is only when we discuss with the client and you personally about the specific job vacancy that you decide alone whether or not to forward your application to the client.


Yes. We guarantee you absolute discretion and confidential treatment of your application, as well as all personal information. Additionally, you can mark those that have a ‘confidentiality note’ (‘What is a ‘confidentiality note’?’)


Generally, we disclose the name of the employer during the selection process to shortlisted candidates.


We only keep personal information if you have provided us with your application when applying for a job vacancy.

All personal data collected in this way are kept strictly in accordance with the applicable regulations/legislation, the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on 25 May 2018. We use and process them solely for the purpose of obtaining employment, i.e. in the field of search and selection, until the candidate’s written withdrawal. Only with your consent do we forward them to third parties who are our business partners. However, we would like to emphasize that, despite all security mechanisms, electronic data transmission (internet, communication via e-mail, online registration) is not 100% secure and protected against intrusion by unauthorized persons.

We invite you to a personal interview with one of our senior consultants. Because of our long-standing cooperation with most of our clients, we can provide you with thorough and competent information about the company and the job vacancy. In this joint conversation we will also explain to you the further course of the process and the related time frames.

If a client’s representative is already present at the first interview, we will inform you about the company name beforehand.

Generally, evaluation or testing is not a part of the first interview. However, if testing would have already been planned, we would also inform you before the meeting.

The portals we manage (​​​​​​​) are updated daily and the advertisement is deleted as soon as the post is filled. We have no influence on the status of other portals.

We receive many applications daily, and at the same time various selection procedures are underway. Therefore, for simple organizational reasons, we cannot always justify each answer individually and comprehensively and ask for your understanding.


You can request your application and other documents back at any time (see ‘Why and how does TRESCON store my application information?’ and ‘Where and in what form can I send you my application, what documents do you need?’). You can be sure that your application is treated confidentially, and without your consent we will not forward it.

No. It is free-of-charge to include data in our database, as well as any concrete job placement. Both are completely optional for you and come with no cost.

If you are invited to a personal interview, you are responsible for the cost of transportation and your own time.

When you accept a new job, we can accompany you with a special coaching program –executive placement. We also offer additional career coaching to help you shape your personal development goals.

Under the confidentiality note, you can indicate the company or organization where you do not want to apply for a job or where you do not want us to send your information and application.


All current job vacancies are published on our website under 'Job offers​​​​​​​'.


Of course, as far as essential information goes. This can be your contact information, a new geographical preference for employment, a newly acquired job, a change of job, a change in your readiness to change, or also a significant upgrade of your education/knowledge (foreign language, etc.).


It is essential for our clients to completely provide relief in the initial search phase in order to obtain the widest relevant set and a meaningful selection of candidates. Only with an anonymous ad can they ensure that all applications are sent to TRESCON and not directly to them.

Of course, as we continue with the process, we disclose the client so that you can better prepare for a personal interview.

No. You should send us the application as the employer has decided to entrust the selection process to TRESCON. In this way, the client would also forward all applications received directly to us.