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The power of Employer branding – What will attract job seekers straight to you?

How do you alert those who are not actively looking for a new job, but you want them on your team?

The employer brand has been a widely used phrase for some time now, and its importance is growing with the increasing difficulty of finding suitable employees. As with any brand, the same definition applies here, an integrated experience, a set of all experiences that differentiates an organization (employer) in the eyes of users, your employees, and talents in the market that is what separates your company from the competition.

Who are your users and potential users? What kind of experience would you like to offer them? How can you make this experience inspiring? And why does it even matter?

A strong brand will help you retain your employees and gain talents faster. You will get a higher proportion of “proper” applications. You will lower your recruitment costs. If it once was only a buzz word, building an employer brand is one of the key strategic tasks today. And with Generation Y, with millennials putting the company culture at the forefront of employment criteria, it’s high time we took employer branding​​​​​​​ seriously.

Give us a call, and together we will take all the necessary steps to make you feel safe and equipped for a successful work in the coming generation of Y and Z!

The topics that we will cover together, and you will be able to manage them yourself after are, for example:

  • user journey map 
  • onboarding of new employees and beyond
  • definition of weaknesses
  • definition of channels and touch points and meaningful content 

Would you like to know more? Contact us now!​​​​​​​