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Methods of Recruitment Consulting Services

Getting great results that work for your advantage

We advise on contents and processes. In order to achieve the appropriate optimal outcome, at TRESCON, we tailor each task or set goals to a specific method and methodology.

  • As a specialist content consultant, we offer a solution for a specific case based on a commissioned project.
  • As a process consultant, we do not propose our own solutions, but support our clients in developing their own solutions through various workshops and individual consultations.

This kind of work is very challenging for all our colleagues. Appropriate competencies are crucial in selecting our own colleagues. We rely on professionalism, broad-mindedness, the ability to connect and think critically, and a passion for projects, working with clients, and results. As a result, all TRESCON employees are constantly educated, both at home and abroad.

We are constantly developing our methodology through qualitative and experiential in-house workshops, which are also supplemented by external, specialized know-how.

We believe that having a good knowledge of HR tools in the HR field is crucial for a successful HR consultancy, but we are deeply convinced that broad business knowledge, global insight, and modern, ever-evolving methods and approaches are needed more than ever to achieve positive results.

That is why at TRESCON we don’t specialize in a certain field, but in the spirit of co-operation and networking, we connect with other experts​​​​​​​ in order to strengthen the competences of both our clients as well as our staff.