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Cross-departmental collaboration – A challenge or potential?

Content workshops with a by-product of significant improvement in inter-departmental collaboration

No matter the size, industry, or ownership of the company, employees are the ones who best know the bottlenecks. The best way to find a solution is in collaboration with the employees, thus creating great opportunities to improve co-operation and interdepartmental relationships. If the employees know their role, the benefit or the usefulness of one’s own workplace and department, coherence and co-dependence with others, if both the end result and the quality and pleasantness of cooperation are highlighted as a value, we can unlock the great potential of the company along the way. Employee energy is channeled into creativity and innovation and into the end customer. It is also the only environment in which agile approaches are possible. For this purpose, we offer a specialized program, which is a novelty in Slovenia.

At TRESCON, we support improvements in a wide variety of cross-departmental collaboration processes, be it the specific issue of optimal inventory levels in a manufacturing company, preparing a marketing strategy, introducing 5S, or better collaboration and communication across departments. We conduct all workshops and processes in accordance with the practices and methods of the IAF and the Moderators Association of Slovenia​​​​​​​, where we have been members since 2004, and have been actively co-shaping the principles and practices as the Association’s supervisor for over eight years.

The workshops are suitable for individuals, smaller teams, as well as groups larger than 100 or 200 employees. Of course, the methods and techniques differ.

Workshops for small groups can be held in Ljubljana at our creatively designed offices, but we recommend the settings in nature or in unconventional locations.

As an incentive for better employee cooperation and underpinning the substantive emphasis of the workshops, our practice since 2010 has been to cooperate with the winners of the Olympic medals or individuals who inspire us.

Because we believe in collaboration, we host meetings on the exchange of good practices between businesses and individuals.

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