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Chronological overview

1978 – Foundation of CATRO, as a group of consultants of Ratio Consulting - the biggest consulting company of that time led by Oskar Aistleitner – starts the HR Consulting business in Linz, Austria.

1999 – CATRO Austria becomes a founding member of CFR Consulting Group and takes over the position of Secretary General, which it holds until October 2006.

1.2.2005 – CATRO Svetovanje is established in Slovenia as Austian-Slovenian joint venture and a second daughter company of the group in the region, after CATRO Prague. The company is led by Petra Treven Bernat.

2005 – CATRO Svetovanje becomes a CFR Executive Search global community member at the global CFR conference in Budapest.

22.3.2006 – CATRO Linz, the Austrian headquarter changes the company and the network name to TRESCON. TRESCON – Creating Corporate Culture is presented to an audience of 200 clients at the New Spring event in Linz.

1.7.2006 – CATRO Svetovanje d.o.o. becomes TRESCON d.o.o. also in Slovenia, no management or capital changes.

2006 – Trescon Slovenia hosting the global CFR network conference with consultants from 30 countries promoting executive search, recruitment and talent development focus – in Ljubljana.

2007 – First Search and Selection followed by Talent development project executed in Croatia. Trescon Slovenia is from now on offering service in all of the countries in the region of ex Yugoslavia.

2011 – new group business model is introduced, Trescon Slovenia becomes a Trescon Austria franchise company, owned by the local founding partner. Intensive cooperation and best practice sharing as well as standards of excellence are further strengthened. 

2016 – New bigger office spaces for Trescon Slovenia, Ljubljana, designed in innovative Learning Spaces Spirit by an internationally awarded learning interior design specialist -  Jure Kotnik.

2016 – Trescon Slovenia is partnering foundation of a company in Serbia, CFR Serbia in Novi Sad. Rašo Pazarkić, from HCS becomes a Managing Director of CFR Serbia.

2017Trescon's changed headline to TRESCON - More than Executive Search is introduced to stress the main company business field. And even more so to stress Trescon customer orientation striving to offer and deliver much more than other market players; because we love our job, have the know-how and behave as true HR business partners.

2017 – CFR Executive Search Srbija sold to local partner but further on vivid business partner of Trescon Slovenia thus enabling clients to use the service either from entering from the hub in Slovenia and profiting from the regional economies of scale or directly in Serbia.

2018 – 40 years of TRESCON Group celebration in Linz, Slovenian Team as well as some Slovenian companies attending the future oriented 500 people event in Tabakfabrik.

2019 – The Simon Sinek WHY, refreshed strategy and new senior partner Marjana Lavrič Šulman joining Trescon Slovenia is the empowered base for further development of agile entrepreneurship mindset and providing solution and results oriented HR services.

February 2020  TRESCON Slovenia celebrating its 15th anniversary.


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