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Recruitment consulting services

Using the most advanced tools

A senior member in a key development department announces his/her intention to leave the job. There are no suitable candidates within the existing team for internal replacement, so a search for a new, external candidate is required. It turns out that there are practically no suitable candidates for such a key position on the market. There are too few applicants and their profiles do not demonstrate enough professional or social competences. The management of the company is becoming impatient and expects prompt and effective proposals from the HR department to resolve the situation.

This practical example shows how and with what services TRESCON can help and support your team in different situations.

Another example, on several levels, demonstrates how we can support your team with our services and help your business:

An important member of the management team is leaving your company, while at the same time you are opening a subsidiary abroad. With our ‘Personnel and Organization Development’ service, we have already advised you in the field of talent management and the company has a pool of suitable young candidates who are motivated for the challenges of your representation abroad.

Together with you we prepare a profile of the required and desired competences. Potential internal – in most cases nonetheless external candidates – are sought using modern IT tools (Active Sourcing) and professional Headhunting at home and abroad. In the next step, in the Evaluation Process, we use the appropriate competence analysis to find the right person for your company.

We also support you in the Onboarding process so that the costs and time investment of deploying and integrating a new employee are as low as possible.

To prevent management dissatisfaction during future staffing shortages, we can assist you through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing​​​​​​​ – as your outsourced HR department – our consultants can take on some of the burden of finding and selecting new employees.

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