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Blue Corporate Culture – Answer to the business challenges of the future?

Through workshops, strategic consulting, coaching, encouraging leaders, we offer support in making changes or upgrading culture in organizations.

The culture of the company is defined by top management and co-created by all employees. It is recognized through concrete behaviors that support or promote the values of the company, through systems (e.g. reward system, meetings, etc.) and symbols (e.g. salesperson of the month, communication board, logos, etc.).


Changing market conditions require different results, as a rule, greater speed, innovation, and more. We can only achieve this sustainably by changing the way we operate and interact and manage ourselves throughout the company. It is a long process of changing the culture. In companies with more than 200 employees, this is a process that takes 7 to 9 years, while in smaller ones it is a bit, but not much less.

We believe in the philosophy of the blue culture of the company Human Synergistics​​​​​​​, and since 2014 we have been actively involved in the process of changing the culture of one of the best companies in Slovenia.

The program has several steps:

• defining a vision of the desired situation

• measuring and raising awareness of the current situation

• establishing basic principles and values and behaviors of a changed/upgraded culture

• measuring progress

• enhancing employees’ competencies and motivation to co-create change

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