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Headhunting/Executive Search

The most challenging search channel in TRESCON’s 4-S methodology

Headhunting (Executive Search) involves searching for managerial and specialist personnel through in-depth research into relevant target companies and personnel and contacting competent individuals personally. This way, we also identify potential candidates who cannot be reached by advertising, databases, business networks, or the internet.

Most of our competition does not differentiate between ‘Active sourcing’ and headhunting. In some cases, therefore, their projects cannot be successfully completed.


Headhunting is often mentioned in the same breath as the “poaching” of personnel – therefore something needs to be said upfront: we understand headhunting as direct marketing. In other words, it is an important method of directly approaching potential customers, just as when selling products or services. As a professional and reputable personnel consultancy, we clearly distance ourselves from those who aggressively poach staff or make untrustworthy promises. We believe that in the long run, we are helping companies to better organize themselves, retain jobs, better relationships, and, consequently, perform more successfully in global markets.

At TRESCON, it is very important to us to understand the mission and goals that the sought-after person will need to achieve. Sometimes, we help clients further define and/or concretize goals before the search begins. Together with the client, TRESCON’s consultant elaborates, if necessary, designs, and perfects the required profile; this is how we create a profile with future-oriented requirements. We write down a list of the competences and the offers of the employer for a specific search in a separate document.

Based on the profile, you are searching for other relevant criteria (e.g. industry, profession, region), our search professionals look for interesting companies. The resulting list of target companies is then aligned with the client. We are very careful about business connections and areas of interest, as we are aware of the sensitivity of this area.

This extremely sensitive phase of headhunting requires 100% professionalism, thoughtfulness, and a feeling for people. We are pursuing a triple win-win-win concept.

In the first phone conversation, we check if there is any interest on the potential candidate’s side for more information and further conversation. If so, we agree to continue communication out of working hours.

We only inform the client about those individuals who have given us explicit consent and are interested in the job vacancy – we are careful to ensure complete discretion!

Since all our steps, activities, procedures, and information obtained are conscientiously documented, we can also reconstruct the course of events and the outcome of individual projects later in the process. In doing so, we respect GDPR principles and the legislative framework.

The TRESCON team​​​​​​​ is specially trained for this search method.


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