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Integrity Check – From tests to reference calls

Reduce the risk of making the wrong decision

For successful companies, the most valuable capital is human. That is why it is even more important that with (future) colleagues we value, in addition to their expertise, appropriate business performance and behavior.

Integrity is one of the key features for business compliance without corruption, bribery, or fraud. Integrity reflects inner values, beliefs, and a willingness to accept responsibility and a sustainable, long-term orientation. When selecting external candidates or internally recruiting to senior positions, the recruiting department can set key guidelines for the future use of the appropriate tools.

What are counterproductive behaviors​​​​​​​?

This describes behaviors that can be harmful and completely useless to the organization or its individuals.

The definition also covers areas of harmful acts such as: absenteeism, physical and verbal violence directed against both people and material goods, and includes the disregard and violation of security regulations, criminal acts, etc.

In addition to personality tests, we conduct comprehensive multimodal interviews with candidates.

In agreement with the candidates we make, transparently and ethically, in-depth reference calls. According to the international methodology, in a structured interview with the reference person, we check the selected information in an approximately 30-minute long conversation to deepen our view of the candidate’s past performance. With a statistically large sample, the sincerity and appropriateness of the statements proves to be a very relevant decisive fact.

From our side you will receive a written report about the results, which we will discuss with you. This makes integrity in your company a self-evident part of organizational culture.


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