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Business partnerships

Working together for mutual benefit and success

Business partnerships are our major strategic asset because they allow us to faster develop new services and products and offer them to our clients

The essential criteria for entering into a business partnership are:

  • Common good for three – for our clients, our business partners, and for TRESCON.
  • Collaboration produces new products and services.
  • Expanding the common space of operations (Slovenia, Trescon Group​​​​​​​ countries, the international area).
  • A great level of trust and deep understanding to create the common good.
  • Long term co-operation.
  • The joy of shared success gives us all wings.


In cooperation with our German partner, Mundo, we carry out workshops to accompany individuals, teams, and organizations on the path toward change. Innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, high employee involvement, etc. are key drivers and guarantees of progress, and we equip teams with new skills and insights with our programs.

KAIROS Entscheiderprofil​​​​​​​:

In cooperation with the German partner, Kairos Entscheiderprofil, we measure or monitor the decision-making processes of individuals or groups. What motivations lead an individual or team in making decisions? It is a unique tool that allows users to further identify what they need to pay attention to when making decisions.

Moderators Association of Slovenia:

Petra Treven Bernat, Director of Trescon Slovenia, is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Moderators Association of Slovenia, whose mission is to strengthen the recognition of moderation as a discipline that contributes to the more efficient work of groups and organizations, and to solving complex problems.


Together with the Digital42 team, we help clients implement business digitalization processes. We have developed several different programs, such as: ‘digital business management’ and ‘the new role of IT departments in digital business,’ and our focus is on assessing and developing the competencies of company employees during the digital transformation.


Want to become a TRESCON Business Partner? Do not hesitate to present us your idea!

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