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Hearing - Expert support in selecting candidates

The ‘little brother’ of assessment centers

In order to complete the selection process and easier decision-making, we have different candidate evaluation processes in place. In addition to personality and behavioral tests and Assessment Centers​​​​​​​, a hearing is another option. A hearing is a structured assessment of a candidate’s professional competencies and personality characteristics based on acting in a variety of specific business situations. Recruitment decisions made this way are better grounded and easier to justify.

A hearing is performed as part of our comprehensive candidate search and selection process, and can also be a standalone, final step in your staffing process.

In addition to the classic structured interview, a hearing is enriched with practical examples, role-playing, tests, stress tasks, homework presentations, etc. As a rule, observers in this process are participants from the client (committee), who can thus form a more complete picture of the candidate, composed from different angles. Candidate evaluation can be followed in a structured written form or conducted on-site with in-depth discussion, which is moderated by TRESCON.

Why are TRESCON hearings so successful​​​​​​​:

  • With the client we clearly define the reasons, expectations, goals (what kind of candidate profile are we looking for?)
  • The hearing process is always tailor-made to each job or client
  • Seamless organization and communication with candidates
  • We clearly brief the committee and professionally moderate the hearing and decision-making process
  • We ensure a professional and practice-tested hearing process using the lean use of resources

Our highly experienced, professionally and methodologically trained consultants help you choose the candidate that best suits your requirements and expectations.


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