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TRESCON Slovenia celebrates 15th anniversary


Years are passing by with a fascinating speed and it seems only yesterday that we have celebrated our 10th anniversary. Yet it was already five years ago in Union Pivnica with Petra Majdič.

Joining our 15th anniversary this year will be Mr. Matjaž Kek – someone we first worked with just prior to our national football team departing to South African Republic. Also, our later projects with him were always a mutual source of inspiration. His area of expertise is our area of expertise – talent selection and talent development.

We are proud that with our win-win-win concepts for all parties involved we have been able to help talents and organizations on their development path for over 15 years already. We have proven that we understand long term relationships. And at this point we also want to thank all our clients, that appreciate our co-operation, too. Thank you!

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