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December TRESCON Consultant boost in Linz


Another enriching exchange of best practices among the Trescon network offices took place over two days at the end of December in Linz. Who has mastered the active sourcing and headhunting ​​​​​​​practices at their best and what is there still to be learned? Are there any specifics applicable only to Austrian, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian area? What can we learn from each other? The Austrian team shared their Active Sourcing Award​​​​​​​ case and all its crucial insights; colleague Urša Grm from our team presented the project 'Competence Model for the Ministry of Public Affairs' – a model she has intensely worked on prior to joining our team.

As it was that time of the year, we concluded the business part of gathering with a splendid sparkling wine from the Slovenian Goriška Brda region and continued with an excellent dinner at Promenadenhof – a restaurant at the very center of Linz. An overview of the passing year was made and best wishes for 2020 exchanged.

The Slovenian part of the network left early next morning, as two of our members attended the afternoon SQL conference, hosted by Faculty for Computer and Information Science. It is only by staying on top of trends that we can remain a competent partner to our clients, in this case from the IT industry.

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